EMMURE Sells Nearly Twice As Many Albums As SUICIDE SILENCE First Week

The results are in for Glass Cloud Emmure, who recently released their latest album (featuring an entirely new band performing with vocalist Frankie Palmeri) ‘Look At Yourself’ via Sharptone Records. Remarkably, the band saw a significant improvement in sales over their previous album ‘Eternal Enemies’ which released in 2014 and sold approximately 6,400 copies.

Emmure landed at #73 on the Billboard 200 on the merits of their first week sales. Not bad for a band playing the sort of music that Emmure plays.

Posting a sales increase is quite impressive in an era where the amount of people buying music is constantly decreasing. For Emmure, this is a clear victory for a band who had a future that was very much in doubt just last year. The entire band bailed on vocalist Frankie Palmeri in late 2015, leaving him in a position to completely start from scratch.

With the magic metal touch of guitarist Josh Travis, Emmure released an album full of bouncy, nu metal influenced instrumentals with Palmeri’s signature vocals.

By comparison, death metal titans Suicide Silence sold only 4,650 copies of their latest self-titled release, despite working with one of the most iconic rock / metal music producers of all time. This is proof that even the most hated bands can catch the attention of new listeners when their music is worth listening to.

Vocalist Frankie Palmeri has yet to officially comment on the sales increase, but we’re sure he’s probably feeling pretty good about the support he’s getting from his fans right now.

Meanwhile, Suicide Silence vocalist Eddie Hermida seems to be having some second thoughts about the band’s new sound. [Via Lambgoat]