Ben Bruce Responds To ASKING ALEXANDRIA Drama: Sometimes It Makes Me Wanna Quit

Asking Alexandria guitarist Ben Bruce has responded to claims by his bandmate Danny Worsnop about a legal dispute with Denis Stoff, the man who replaced him when he left the band in 2015. Worsnop claimed that ex AA vocalist Denis Stoff was lip syncing, using his lyrics, and his attorneys had to intervene.

After Worsnop made his legal dispute with Stoff public, fans of the ex AA singer responded hastily online. In addition to accusing Worsnop of making false claims, fans also lashed out at Asking Alexandria guitarist Ben Bruce.

Bruce got into a tense exchange with one person who claimed Denis Stoff was being blamed for the actions of Sumerian Records. (Who had absolutely nothing to do Stoff’s guest vocal fiasco)

Bruce says that sometimes the drama makes him want to quit:

On person (falsely) claimed it was actually Sumerian Records fault:

Bruce points out that he paid the fan back from his own pocket, something he never had to do in the first place:

Bruce makes nothing but valid points here. For his part, Danny Worsnop re-emphasized that he doesn’t care what the haters think.