ASKING ALEXANDRIA’s Danny Worsnop Slams Denis Stoff — My Lawyers Shut Him Down

Asking Alexandria vocalist Danny Worsnop recently appeared on the Lead Singer Syndrome podcast with Silverstein frontman Shane Told. In the interview, Worsnop made the explosive claim that he instructed his attorneys to block Denis Stoff (who replaced him in Asking Alexandria) from “lip syncing” over his vocals at live shows.

Worsnop downplayed Stoff’s contributions to the band, portraying the short-time AA frontman merely as a forgettable fill in who was keeping his seat warm until he decided to return.

“He was just keepin’ my seat warm. Honestly I don’t know the kid so I have no opinion of him as a person. When people start telling me stories, my response is like… I don’t wanna know. I met the kid one time on a tour in Russia and he got a picture with me outside of a hotel. That’s my extent of my knowledge of him.”

After abruptly leaving the band last year, Stoff was accused of ripping off fans who paid him for guest vocal spots on their song. Guitarist Ben Bruce reimbursed the fan who made the claims and all was well again.

Worsnop says that when Stoff was in the band, he was using his vocal recordings and lip syncing over them during the band’s live shows. His attorneys reportedly forced Stoff to record his own vocal tracks to lip sync to by way of threatening legal action.

“The only weird thing was, and this was like, it was like almost illegal. He was lip syncing over my stuff for a minute. That obviously did not rub me or my lawyers the right way.”

“They jumped on it before I did. They were like ‘hey just so you know we sent him a cease and desist because he’s lip syncing over your stuff’. I hadn’t seen them or heard them with him so I was just like yeah make sure he’s not using my stuff.”

Danny Worsnop recently said he places his solo country career as a higher priority than Asking Alexandria, telling this to Metal Wani:

“I obviously love all the other things I do, but the solo record is always number one because it’s me. It’s personal. I have that emotional connection to it that nothing can ever top it.” His solo country album recently debuted with a disappointing 1,200 first week sales.