It Sure Looks Like Ex OF MICE & MEN Singer Austin Carlile Has Beef With Aaron Pauley

It sure looks like Austin Carlile has beef with at least one of his former bandmates in Of Mice & Men. A series of messages he shared online noted how happy he has been since he “dumped [people] who were trying to silence my voice & only stood by my side when they were to gain from it”.

Woah. How many people are gaining something from Carlile? I’m sure there are a good bit. He could be talking about anyone, but we did some further digging and found something very interesting.

Austin Carlile unfollowed Aaron Pauley on Twitter just two days after he left the band. On December 30th, Carlile announced he was leaving the band. He unfollowed Aaron Pauley on January 1st. That’s certainly worth noting.

Now, Carlile is talking about those he recently “dumped” who have tried to “silence” him. Surely he knew that people would make the connection with the very public separation he had with Of Mice & Men. When he announced he left the band, Carlile cited serious health issues as the primary reason for his departure from the band.

It’s worth noting that Carlile recently wished his former bandmate Valentino Arteaga a happy birthday on Instagram, so if he has beef, it’s likely not with all of his former bandmates.

Towards the end of Carlile’s tenure with the band, Pauley was handling more and more vocal duties. He was heavily featured on the band’s latest record, Cold World. Moving forward, he will be Of Mice & Men’s vocalist.

Clearly, Carlile is experienced enough to know that people would speculate that he and OM&M’s relationship had soured, and maybe he doesn’t care.