LINKIN PARK Moves Further Away From Hard Rock Roots With New Pop Song

For those holding out hope that Linkin Park would revisit their iconic early 2000’s nu metal sound on their new album, it appears you are out of luck. Linkin Park has released a preview of their new song “Heavy” which is essentially a pop / adult contemporary track.

I’m not saying it’s going to be a bad song. In fact, it sounds quite catchy. My issue is that at this point Linkin Park should be classified as an adult contemporary band. They should be touring with Coldplay at this point.

If you like to hear guitars, don’t hold your breath for them on this song. You could easily take Katy Perry’s vocals and put it over the instrumental and have a respectable song. Again, it’s not a bad song from what we have heard so far, it’s just disappointing.

It’s like going to a theme park to ride roller coasters only to find out they removed them all and replaced them with pianos and pop vocals. Sorry, I don’t mean to sound bitter.

You can check out the snippet of their new song and await it’s full release soon. Let me know if you think I’m a total idiot in the comments below.