THY ART IS MURDER Vocalist CJ McMahon Calls Out VOLUMES Vocalist Gus Farias

2017 has been a busy year for Volumes. They’re due to release a new album, and while that should be their primary focus, they have spent a lot of time dealing with their co-vocalist’s antics.

Gus Farias has been in the spotlight lately after he got into a deeply personal Twitter beef with his former bandmate Michael Barr. Barr abruptly qui the band in November of 2015. At the time, the band stayed mostly silent.

Then, out of nowhere, Volumes vocalist Gus Farias began lashing out at Barr on Twitter.

The beef carried on over the course of several hours (see it here) but the attention on Gus brought some serious allegations along with it. Several fans claimed to have paid Farias for a guest vocal feature and never got as much of a single vocal phrase out of him.

For their part, Volumes quickly pledged to make it right. They released a statement announcing they would reimburse every fan who paid Gus and didn’t get anything in return.

Apparently the situation didn’t sit well with Thy Art Is Murder vocalist CJ McMahon, who took to Instagram to voice his opinion about the volumes frontman. McMahon held nothing back as he shared a Rock Feed news story about Gus’s guest vocal scandal.

“What a fucking low life cunt!!!” the deathcore frontman wrote about the Volumes co-vocalist. Always one to speak his mind, it’s clear that CJ McMahon and Thy Art Is Murder are on top of the game right now.