SLIPKNOT’s Corey Taylor Feels Like A Jerk After Fan Calls Him Out, Responds Perfectly

Slipknot vocalist Corey Taylor made headlines last summer when he hilariously swatted a phone from a fan’s hand during one of his shows. The whole thing was funny and lighthearted, but Corey did say that fans who plan on texting all night should stay home.

So, clearly we all know where Slipknot stands on having cell phones at concerts. Or do we? Because the band just released an official video entirely comprised of fan filmed cellphone footage at one of their shows. So what’s the deal? Are they encouraging cell phone use or not? One fan asked Taylor directly what his stance is on the issue:

Corey saw his question and responded perfectly by essentially saying eh, you kinda got a point dude. He doesn’t specifically address his question but he gave him quite the hat tip for a point well taken.