PURE DEATHCORE Returns To Facebook — Under New Management After Fraud Scandal

Pure Deathcore has resurfaced on Facebook after it was abruptly removed from the web. The popular music promotion company has been embroiled in a scandal in recent days after it was alleged that the company has been scamming bands out of money.

Troy Greene, the founder of Pure Deathcore, has been accused of taking money from bands without promoting them. He has denied the claims, though he has admitted to serious drug use during the time frame in question.

Pure Deathcore will cease to exist as we know it today. Instead, the company will be rebranded under new management as ‘Pure Metal Collective’. Greene will reportedly not be involved with the company anymore.

We spoke to Andrew Patterson who has been running Pure Deathcore in recent days about how the company plans to come back from such a troubling scandal:

“Gaining this is a huge win for the fans and bands of underground metal. Now that we have access to the Facebook, we plan on rectifying the issues with every band who would like to be promoted under the new name once we rebrand and regroup. Shawn, Caelan, Federico and myself are very excited to take on such a large opportunity, and we hope under this new management, we can earn the people’s trust and make amazing things happen.”

The promotion page currently has more than 60,000 followers and the Facebook group currently has 50,000.