Hot Topic Employee Records Insane Conversation With Man Claiming To Be A Dragon

A Hot Topic employee recorded a conversation with a customer who claimed to be a dragon. The ‘dragon’ claimed he was going to take souls during the bizarre exchange.

Here’s an excerpt of the strange exchange: “I do not demand your soul as payment. It is more so protection that if you abuse your power… then your soul is going to be bound. You keep your soul within your flesh, but your soul will be bound never to touch power again. That is the dictation of the blood contract. I give you my blood. You give me… a piece of your soul. You do not lose your soul. I am not the father. I have no rights to your soul. But I do have rights to claim how you use my power. And that is the only reason I bind your soul like that.”

The employee posted the video, later deleting it, though it was already too late. The conversation went viral on Twitter.