‘Pure Deathcore’ Abruptly Removed From Facebook After Fraud Allegations Surface

An influential deathcore promotion company has gone dark hours after multiple allegations were made that musicians were getting scammed out of money they passed on for the promotion of their band.

Pure Deathcore was removed from Facebook and is inaccessible at the time of this report. The company had been promoting deathcore bands for more than five years and had more than 60,000 followers online. A Facebook group dedicated to followers of Pure Deathcore also has more than 50,000 members.

Harrison Burkardt claimed his band Decayer lost $140 when they paid for a Pure Deathcore sponsorship.

Andrew Patterson, an administrator of Pure Deathcore, made allegations that the aforementioned company was scamming bands and that they shouldn’t get ‘sponsored’ unless you “don’t ever want to see your money”.

Multiple musicians claimed in the comments that they had given money to Pure Deathcore and never received promotion or marketing that they paid for.

Shortly after the allegations surfaced online, Troy Greene addressed the allegations being made about him. The public statement, which has since been removed along with his profile, indicated he had been suffering from heart related issues and had spent time in the ICU. He also stated he was currently homeless.

Troy Greene denied that he was scamming bands, but rather, was without reliable internet because he was homeless and had to rely on infrequent connections in fast food establishments. The allegations levied against the accused have not been substantiated by a court of law. Rock Feed reached out to Greene to provide an opportunity to respond to the allegations being made about Pure Deathcore. We have not yet received a response.

Shortly after he posted his response, Greene removed his profile and the Pure Deathcore page with no explanation. Minutes before the page was removed, he had said that he was handing the page off to several people to make sure that bands would be able to get the services they paid for. It’s unclear if the page will return.