10 Bands To Watch In 2017

The new year is upon us, which means everyone’s ‘best of the year’ lists have reset and we’re working on a clean slate. There is a ton of exciting new releasing coming your way this year, and while 2016 will be a hard one to top, this year could also be great. We’ve put together a lit of ten bands (in no particular order) to watch in 2017!

1. Starset: Starset is releasing the follow up to their 2014 debut album ‘Transmissions’. From what we have heard so far, this album will be a well executed continuation of their recurring outer space theme. You can count on Starset to give you larger than life rock anthems that will invade your brain. It’s safe to say that 2017 will be their best year yet on planet earth.

2. Breaking Benjamin: The last few years have been a roller coaster for Breaking Benjamin. They have been more successful than ever, with a revitalized lineup, and they continue to see strong growth. Currently working on the follow up to 2015’s ‘Dark Before Dawn’, it is quite likely that we could be hearing new music from Breaking Benjamin in 2017. Fronted by singer/songwriter Benjamin Burnley — this band has always been a clutch act that you can count on to deliver amazing music. They also have some of the most die hard fans on the planet.

3. Stone Sour: With Slipknot currently in hibernation, Corey Taylor will shift his focus to Stone Sour. He confirmed that the band will be releasing a new album in the spring. You can expect the band to deliver on a grand scale. Taylor has gone on record to say that the new material is truly some of the best they have ever written. With an impressive catalog of songs that include ‘Bother’ and ‘Through Glass’, one has to be excited about what Stone Sour has coming next.

4. System of a Down: It has been more than ten years since we last heard new music from System of a Down. The band went on an extended hiatus and has performed infrequently in that time as members of the band worked on their own side projects. Late last year, we learned that the band was finally plotting a comeback and was in the studio recording a new album. The band’s album is expected to release sometime this year, which will make their fans quite happy to hear.

5. Ghost: While you never know for sure with a band as mysterious as Ghost, it appears that the Swedish occult band is working on the highly anticipated follow up to their 2015 album ‘Meliora’. The Grammy award winning band has quickly become one of the most sought after bands on the planet, with their live performances serving as a ritual for their fans — something everyone should see at least once. We know that Papa Emeritus III is retired, and we await the debut of Papa Emeritus IV. You can expect 2017 to be a year of immense growth for Ghost.

6. August Burns Red: Currently working on the follow up to 2015’s ‘Found in Far Away Places’, August Burns Red is a veteran band that only shines brighter with time. They’re kicking the year off with their highly anticipated ‘Messengers’ tour, where they will play that album in full. You can expect lots of riffs and bouncy breakdowns on the next ABR album, with tons of experimental sounds as well — something the band has executed masterfully in recent years.

7. Underoath: Last year was a big year for Underoath. They made a triumphant return, proving that you can make an eloquent return after a breakup. They received an impassioned response from their fans, and their comeback tour was stacked with sold out shows. With the level of success they’re having, it seems Underoath will be hitting the studio to design their highly anticipated return. If it happens, it will more than likely happen this year — as they are booked for a major tour in support of Bring Me The Horizon.

8. Wage War: In 2015, Wage War stepped onto the scene with a highly impressive debut album. ‘Blueprints’ spawned two music videos that have been streamed more than 1 million times on YouTube alone. Not bad for a band’s first release EVER. They’re currently in the studio with Andrew Wade (A Day To Remember, The Ghost Inside) and Jeremy McKinnon (A Day To Remember, vocalist) working on their highly anticipated follow up. If ‘Blueprints’ was a… well… blueprint for their future… the future is very bright for Wage War.

9. Asking Alexandria: 2016 was an incredibly rocky year for Asking Alexandria. They unexpectedly parted ways with their new frontman Denis Stoff. They re-united with an old friend, Danny Worsnop, and they closed the year with their wildly successful ‘Ten Years In The Black’ tour. AA’s return with Worsnop at the helm will bring this band to new heights in 2017. They have a unique ability to cross over to the mainstream, while still maintaining their core audience. They have already hit the studio with Worsnop, and you can bank on them releasing their highly anticipated return in 2017. The boys are back in town.

10. Five Finger Death Punch: Much like Asking Alexandria, 2016 was immensely difficult in many ways for Five Finger Death Punch. We saw vocalist Ivan Moody continue to struggle with his demons. The band was also sued by their long-time label Prospect Park. Though, not all things were bad for the highly resilient band. They continued to hold their spot as one of the biggest rock / metal acts on the planet. They signed a massive deal to Rise Records, and they completed work on their highly anticipated new album. While we have seen the band stumble a few times, it is their imperfections that seem to make them continue to come back stronger than ever. You can bet that FFDP will have their biggest years ever in 2017 and continue to solidify themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the history books of metal.