Pearl Jam Secretly Gives $70K For Medical Bills Of Man Who Once Saved Eddie Vedder’s Life

Pearl Jam doesn’t forget where they came from or the people who have helped them along the way. The band just made a massive donation to Keith Baxter, a dedicated waterman and family man who once saved frotnamn Eddie Vedder’s life.

Vedder and five of his friends were sailing in Hawaii a decade and a half ago when strong winds capsized their boat. Although the craft was turned right side up, Vedder and two women were left stranded in the water when the winds pushed the boat out of their reach. After two hours of treading water, Vedder and the women’s cries for help were heard by a girl named Ashley Baxter and her father Keith, who were boating nearby. The Pearl Jam frontman later wrote ‘Future Days’ about the terrifying ordeal.

Now, Mr. Baxter is facing a life threatening infection that is “costly and aggressive” and beyond the budget of his family. Pearl Jam heard about this and immediately sprung into action — although they initially tried to do it anonymously.

A few days ago, multiple $14,000 donations were made anonymously to a Go Fund Me account that the Baxter family had set up. It seems that guitarist Stone Gossard accidentally forgot to list one of his donations as anonymous. The grand total of their contribution ended up being a whopping $70,000 which put Mr. Baxter well beyond the goal that his family set up.

The band seems to be in the giving mood as Vedder made headlines earlier this week when he sent a check for $10,000 to a struggling single mother so that she could buy Christmas presents for her six children. Incredible.