RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE’s Tim Commerford Fights Wakrat Drummer On Stage

Rage Against The Machine, Prophets of Rage, and Wakrat bassist Tim Commerford got into a fight with his drummer on stage after a bizarre episode where he said “fuck you” to a man in the crowd and commented on his receding hairline.

Commerford has a history of bizarre behavior as you right remember the time during the 2000 Video Music Awards when he climbed the set and refused to come down. He was eventually arrested for that dispute and spent the night in jail.

Last night’s incident seems like things were quickly patched up between the two as Commerford and Mathias Wakrat posed together, with Tim proudly showing off his injuries. Prior to the fight, Commerford was seen displaying his middle finger to the audience and engaged in an argument with at least one member of the crowd. You can see a video of the fight below.