Video: 80’s Rocker Tries To Fight Deathcore Kids In The Pit And It Ends As Badly As You Expected

A viral video is making the rounds online showing a pissed off 80’s rocker (who seemingly was not a fan of the music) entering the pit at a VÆN show and attempting to fight everyone in it.

The man can be seen in the video (watch below) posturing himself in an aggressive manner towards anyone who passes him in the mosh pit with both of his fists clenched. Eventually, he throws a punch at one of the men who is passing by him in the pit.

His punch misses wildly and causes him to spin 360 degrees. He then works his way towards the left side of the screen, clearly ready to take on his next challenger when suddenly he is met with one of the most powerful roundhouse kicks I have ever seen.

It was as if Billy Blanks was standing front and center faithfully watching VÆN’s set. Seriously, he kicked him into next week. Fortunately, the man was alright. He could have been seriously injured by the kick, though he was clearly trying to attack anyone he could get his hands on for no reason at all.

We spoke to Troy Greene, VÆN’s frontman and he says the man was repeatedly warned not to provoke fans attending the deathcore show.

“He stood in the way of the band for every band and was hitting people and grabbing them, not fully understanding the concept of hardcore dancing. A few people kinda gave him warning bumps and knocked him around. We all spoke to him warning of the dangers of standing in the middle of the pit trying to hit ppl, the staff warned him, bands, and the venue owner.” Greene said.

The man actually got back into the pit after heading to the bathroom to treat a cut on his head.

Greene continues: “You’d think he learned his lesson but once he was okay he was right back in the pit doing the same stuff.”

Greene noted that the band does not condone attacks of this nature but made some good points about the man’s aggressive demeanor — having been repeatedly warned about his conduct:

“I do not condone crowd killing or targeting ppl in the pit. But what would you say in the situation.. Did he have it coming and deserved it? Or should everyone stop throwing down as to not cause this random old man no harm for the entire 6 band set while he stood outright in front of the bands?”

VÆN is a Mississippi deathcore band that features Troy Greene as the band’s vocalist — he’s also the founder of Pure Deathcore, a well known promotion firm within the deathcore scene.

It seemed like the old man wanted to teach those ‘young punks’ a thing or two about real metal so he started swinging on them in the pit… or he was completely out of his mind. Either way, it was unfortunate that this happened.

Here’s the video of the 80’s rocker getting hit during the show: