Prophets of Rage release new video and speak out about Donald Trump.

Prophets of Rage just unleashed a pro-shot video on their official Facebook page explaining the concept for the band. The band seemed to further connect themselves to Rage Against The Machine with guitarist Tom Morello saying “we’re gonna demonstrate what it really means to Rage Against The Machine”.

The band has a very clear message for Donald Trump, vocalist B-Real says “get the fuck outta here”.

“The Machine is back to kick the establishment in the fucking mouth” bassist Tim Commerford says in the explosive new video.

You can also see pro-shot footage from the band’s debut performance last night at the Whiskey A Go Go on the sunset strip in the clip that was just released.┬áIt seems like the band has never missed a step.

“Somebodys gotta say something. Social media’s not enough — it’s always the strength of music” Public Enemy’s Chuck D said of the new band.

We’re betting that Prophets of Rage will be announcing a huge tour in the very near future — and you can also bet that they’ll probably end up protesting with a massive show outside of the Republican National Convention if their own words prove true.

Here’s the full video: