Wife of Oli Sykes accused of cheating on him.

Bring Me The Horizon vocalist Oli Sykes is heartbroken after learning that his wife (Hannah Pixie Snowdon) might have cheated on him with another man. The two were married last year after getting engaged back in 2013. Hannah Snowdon is a tattoo artist from Sheffield UK.

Yesterday, someone (many believe to be Oli Sykes) logged into Snowdon’s account and posted a picture of the unknown man with the caption “ladies & gentlemen the man I cheated on my husband with.”

hannah-snowdon-twitter-cheating-oli-sykesNot long after the post on Instagram surfaced, Oli Sykes tweeted (and later deleted) “well at least I know what the next albums going to be about”

oli-sykes-tweet-hannah-snowdonFor her part, Hannah Snowdon (or whomever logged into the account) has deleted her Instagram entirely. She reportedly had more than one million followers. Someone else is now using her Instagram username. It’s very important to note that the post was merely an allegation and it has not been confirmed independently.

Hannah Snowdon is largely credited with helping Oli Sykes maintain his sobriety, which he found during their time together. Hopefully, this heartbreaking setback doesn’t cause him to leave his current path.

Bring Me The Horizon has quickly become one of the biggest bands in the world following the release of their latest album “That’s The Spirit”. They’re currently touring in support of that release. While Oli Sykes’ heart is probably broken right now, there are likely many women out there who view this as a huge opportunity to date the beloved vocalist.