Sorry, RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE Is Not Getting Back Together

Rage Against The Machine Not Having a Reunion

We really hate to break the bad news but the “Prophets of Rage” posters that have appeared throughout Los Angeles, online, and on Rage Against The Machine’s twitter are not about the band’s reunion.

A quote on the posters and the website reads “clear the way for the Prophets of Rage. The Party’s Over. Summer 2016.” This lead to widespread speculation that the band was finally getting back together after years of inactivity. We can report that this is not true. “Prophets of Rage” is not about the band’s reunion.

Moments ago a source close to the band has revealed to Rolling Stone that Rage Against The Machine is not reuniting.

“This is not a Rage-specific reunion,” says the source. “There’s a lot more to it. There are a lot of moving parts, a lot of exciting news to be revealed.”

The project will include “some of the members of Rage.” The source also confirms the project will include live shows. “Whether that’s one show, or five shows, I don’t know,” says the source. “There are more announcements to come.”

It will be interesting to see just¬†what this project is. How can you use the word “rage” in a band with former members of Rage Against The Machine and it NOT be somewhat related to the band? We’ll have to wait and see when the official announcement is revealed.