Here’s How Metallica’s Logo Is Being Stolen By Kanye West

Yesterday, Kanye West held an elaborate fashion event at Madison Square Garden — where he was unveiling a new album he had recently completed. The event was supposed to be held to unveil original designs, but I caught something that Kanye himself was wearing that was very un-original.

West claims to be a fashion icon, yet he completely ripped off Metallica’s logo when he designed his ‘Yeezus’ hat, that can be found for sale online.

Here’s a comparative look at the two logos:


The hat above is a bit different from the one Kanye West was wearing at the Madison Square Garden event. The hat he was wearing is arguably even more of a rip off of Metallica’s logo. It’s almost as if he’s trying to see what he can get away with.


You might remember an explosive recent story about how an overzealous Metallica attorney sent a cover band a 41 page cease and desist letter for styling their logo using the band’s signature style. It’s pretty evident that (as of now) Kanye West hasn’t paid any royalties to Metallica for clearly jacking their logo.

Kanye West is notorious for copying the work of others, just about every one of his major hit singles have been heavily sampled from other songs. It appears he is applying the same strategy in the fashion world.